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    2019 MVS 60th Anniversary!

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    “Fundamentals of Resonant Acoustic Method NDT”

    Rapid conversion of machined parts to powdered metal and cast is driving industries, especially automotive. Due to the high expectations of both primary manufacturers and end consumers, defects cannot be tolerated even in million piece quantities. There is, in effect, a growing requirement for zero defect supply chain commitments. To achieve zero defect output, manufacturers are making the commitment to move to online NDT. This type of online inspection requires accuracy, reliability, and high throughput. Resonant Acoustic Method NDT (RAM NDT) provides a proven technique exhibiting these pivotal performance requirements and automates economically. RAM NDT tests, reports and screens for most common part flaws in a manner similar to the way NASA tests flight hardware and automotive manufacturers validate their new car designs. Utilizing structural dynamics and statistical variation, RAM NDT provides mature, laboratory proven technology in a robust, economical, process-friendly manner.


    Bryan Butsch and Gary Mathias,
    The Modal Shop

    Meeting Sponsor: 

    Sherwin, Inc.


    Wed, March 6,   6:00 pm


    Miami Valley Gaming
    6000 State Route 63, Lebanon OH

    RSVP by Fri, Mar 1, 2019
    Claudia Kropas-Hughes, 937-604-6582
    [email protected]

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    Calendar of Events

    Wed, Apr 3, 2019

    Tour: Proton Therapy Center, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

    Wed, May 8, 2019

    X-Ray Technologies, Richard Woodward, Duerr NDT

    Fri, Jun 7, 2019

    Golf Outing, Heatherwoode Golf Course, Springboro OH


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    Current Officers

    Chair: Mr. Jon Beasey
    Vice-Chair: Mr. Nat Reveal
    Sec/Treas: Dr. Claudia Kropas-Hughes

    Executive Commitee Members:

    Ms. Lisa Price
    Mr. John Halase
    Mr. Dalvo Villela
    Dr. Vicki Kramb (ex officio)
    Mr. Jerry Nelson (ex officio)

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